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Thanks to SGK430’s intelligent, self-adjusting technology, the range is turned off before toxic gases can be produced and before a fire can start. Automatic fault diagnosis constantly analyzes the Stove Guard and prevents the range from being used if the Intelligent Heat Sensor is removed.

A safety device for every home

Stove Guard SGK430 is every kitchen’s safety device. It protects your home’s most fire-prone area and intelligently adapts to your cooking habits. It also supports independent living when range use becomes higher risk due to old age, illness, or learning difficulties, among others.

Multiple heat sensors with self-learning function

SGK430 has conductive and radiant temperature sensors that measure maximum temperature and temperature rate of change. These variants are combined with constantly-monitored ambient temperature. Using two sensor types means that the weak points of each are eliminated.

Easy-to-use and reliable

With its Self-Adjusting Technology, SGK430 is easy to use. It automatically adjusts its heat parameters to the user’s cooking habits, ensuring no false alarms are triggered. Due to the device’s automatic fault diagnosis, no monthly testing is required.

Adaptable for special user groups

SGK430 can be used with additional devices and adapted to suit the needs of special user groups, such as those with dementia or hearing and sight difficulties. It can also be linked to a Telecare service or automatically operate the extractor fan.

Easy to install

The Stove Guard can be installed by the user. The Intelligent Heat Sensor is attached underneath the range hood, on the wall, or to the ceiling without the need for tools, cables, or an external power source. The Control Unit is connected to the range in a few minutes.

Low energy use and long life

The Intelligent Heat Sensor is powered by solar panels and has an average usage life of 10 years (based on the number of alarms). The Control Unit, connected to the range, uses extremely small amounts of energy (< 1W). [/av_textblock] [av_textblock size='' font_color='' color='' custom_class='product-bottom-textbox' av_uid='av-84n30l']


  • Self-learning maximum temperature alarm—identifies dangerously high temperatures
  • Self-learning temperature rate of increase alarm—a steeply rising temperature is an indication of a developing fire hazard
  • Adjusts sensitivity based on the users’ cooking styles
  • Heat Sensor Dislocation Alarm—prevents range use if the Heat Sensor has been removed from its location
  • Automatic Fault Diagnosis—tests the functioning of the system
  • Compatible with single-phase electric cookers
  • Telecare-compatible

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Technical specifications

  • Alarm signal 80 dB at 1m (39”) / Silent alarm
  • Extremely low energy use (app. 1 W)
  • Radio 315MHz 10mW RF / PT2262 protocol
  • Factory paired
  • Voltage 125 /250V 35A
  • Halogen-free and fire-rated plastic, flammability rating V-0 (Intelligent Heat Sensor)
  • Patented Fl 117526, Fl 117878, FI125053, patent pending
  • Fulfills EU standard EN 50615 requirements
  • Made in the EU