Safety for all kitchens

Cooking fires are the most common cause of household fires.

Innohome's range safety products prevent cooking fires predictively.

They also support independent living for the elderly and other user groups.

Leading technology

Innohome is the international market leader in range safety products.

Our Stove Guards are the most widely installed worldwide.

Innohome products fulfill the EU standard for range safety devices.

Cutting-edge innovation

CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree

Finnish Security Awards 2015 Winner

IFSEC 2014: Active Fire Product Innovation Award

EFE Awards 2014 (Excellence in Fire and Emergency): Innovation of the Year

INNOSUOMI Award 2007

Fire safety in the kitchen

Cooking-related fires cause over half of all house fires in OECD countries. In Finland alone, every third family with children, as well as a large portion of the elderly population, have experienced near-miss fire situations in the kitchen. Innohome’s Stove Guard is the easiest and most effective way to improve fire safety.

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Why Innohome?

Innohome is the global market leader in range safety products with over 200,000 installations worldwide.

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How to get a Stove Guard

Innohome products are available from select retailers.

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  • Self-learning technology

    Because all people cook in their own way, the Stove Guard is designed to self-adjust to the user’s cooking style, preventing false alarms.

  • Prevention and intervention

    Stove Guard monitors changing range temperatures, identifying hazardous situations before toxic gases are produced and before a fire starts.

  • Adaptability

    An intelligent, usage-based timer and responding to external smoke and carbon monoxide alarm signals offer additional safety. Plus extra features are available for traditional mechanical ranges.

  • A Finnish innovation you can trust

    Our Stove Guards are the result of years of dedicated research and product development. The reliability of our products ensures that your kitchen is always a safe place.

  • A forerunner in EU standards

    The EU standard for stove guards was published in January 2015. Innohome is the first company whose products meet the standard, as tested by an independent, accredited test laboratory (VTT Expert Services Finland).

  • Ethical and environmental consideration

    Innohome’s Stove Guards are manufactured responsibly, keeping the environment in mind. The batteries contain no toxic metals or acids, and no child labor is used in production. Our products are always designed to consume the least possible amount of energy.