Innohome FireSafety Socket SSC100 is an intelligent and multi-functional fire safety device that easily and effectively increases fire safety at home. It works with all electrical appliances and can be used to alert Telecare services.

The FireSafety Socket increases safety at home in many ways:

Fire guard for electrical appliances

If the FireSafety Socket detects an alarm signal (smoke or carbon monoxide), it turns the appliance connected to it off. Multiple devices can be protected via an extension cord. It also has a timer for over 40W appliances.

Additional signalling device for risk situations

A detected alarm activates the FireSafety Socket light and sound, and any device connected to it (such as a lamp), transforming the device to an additional signalling device. This increases the safety of persons with hearing disabilities or when they are located in another room.

Peace of mind via Telecare services

Some elderly person casualties in fires occur because the persons are unable to hear the alarm sound or do not have enough time to react. The FireSafety Socket can be connected to the Telecare service, which significantly increases the level of safety at home. The FireSafety Socket sends information about a triggered smoke/carbon monoxide/gas alarm to the monitoring centre, when reacting is not solely relying on the user.

Compatible with most alarms

The FireSafety Socket responds to the alarm signals of virtually all carbon monoxide, smoke and gas alarms, and of alarms and sensors using PT2262 radio connection.

Suitable for all electrical appliances

The FireSafety Socket can be used with all household appliances that connect via a normal power socket.


  • Alarm-identifying power switch and timer
  • Alarms are identified via sound detection or radio signal
  • Compatible with most smoke/CO/gas alarms
  • Radio connection with PT 2262 protocol smoke/CO/gas alarms
  • Telecare compatible
  • Signalling light
SSC100 drawing 1

FireSafety Socket detects an alarm and turns the appliance off.

SSC100 drawing 2

External devices, such as lamps or others, can be connected to the FireSafety Socket for additional alarm.

SSC100 drawing 3

Alarms can be sent to the Telecare centre.

Technical specifications

  • Alarm signal max. 80 dB (1 m)
  • Low energy consumption (< 1 W)
  • 230 VAC resistive load
  • Radio 433 Mhz RF, PT2262 protocol
  • Overheating / overvoltage protection
  • Size 63 x 100 x 76 mm

Alarms and sensors with radio connectivity can be located around the house, within approx. 10 – 20m distance (thick walls may limit the reach). Non-radio carbon monoxide, smoke and gas alarms need to be located in the same room and within 5m distance of the FireSafety Socket.